I'm probably going to get all philosophical on you here, but basically I see rootwork or magic of any kind as that little extra push at the tipping point. I always counsel to take care of things on the mundane plane and exhaust those options first before depending on magical work. Conjure is subtle but powerful, but like the saying goes, God helps those who help themselves. Rootwork isn't going to help you find a job or a lover or win the jackpot if you don't fill out the job application, go on the date or buy the lottery ticket. You'd be surprised how many people want to bypass the work to get to the "work."

Services Offered

My specialty is making tobies and mojo bags, but those can seldom exist alone. A good rootworker is going to counsel you and really try to hear and understand your issue as a friend. He or she will use the power of divination, not so much as fortune telling, but to get a deeper look at what's going on, seen and unseen. From there, a prescription may range from spiritual baths to "setting lights" to ritualistic spells.

The work dictates the approach. For some things, especially if the need is urgent or the odds are against you, we might go all out to turn the tides. For other work, we might be more subtle and only do the small amount of work needed to keep things on course.

I'm not particularly lady-hearted, I will do heavy work if it is justified, but it must be justified in my heart as well. It's always best to try to solve the problems through the highest and best course.

Signing up for Services

If you are interested in an initial reading, email at Readings can be by phone, skype or email.

Astrological readings may require up to one week lead time before our call.

Currently, I accept PayPal. Services must be pre-paid within 24 hours of the scheduled call.

If you are interested in signing up for a reading or rootwork, please contact Professor Ames by email at and using the PayPal menu below. We currently take PayPal payments as we find this to be the safest and easiest way to do online transactions.


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