Toby Bags, Mojos, and Gris-Gris

Whatever you call it, mojo bags, a hand, toby bags, nation sacks, jack balls or gris-gris bags are all variations on container spells. Traditionally made of red flannel and filled with various herbs, roots, curios and a petition, these little items are carried close to the skin and given extra power with the addition of a personal concern and prayed over with an appropriate Psalm.

The Art of Toby Making

Making a toby or a mojo bag has to be one of my favorite activities. I like it, ya see, 'cause it's alive. That's right, the old time conjurers always thought of the mojo bag as being a living spirit. That spirit comes not only from the roots and herbs, but the spirit is created in the mojo itself.

Making a hand

The components of a mojo hand differ based on the desired outcome or "petition" of the client. This desire is written out and handled in several different ways, depending on whether the client wants to draw something, dispel something or gain control over another or a situation. The bag will contain anywhere from 3 to as many as 13 different items comprised of roots, herbs, animal curios, minerals, coins, talismans, written prayers or symbols and usually a personal concern that ties it to the person working the mojo or the object of the mojo. Because the mojo is alive it must be taken care of in some special ways

Waking up the mojo

Once a toby has been constructed with all the pieces and parts, a spirit is coaxed out of it (or into it, depending on how you think of it). This often involves prayers and petitions, breath, and feeding the spirit. My mojo bags are smoked with an appropriate incense to bring that spirit up in it. They are also fed initially with a little condition oil and a little dose of whiskey (the water of life, hehe).

Maintaining a mojo

When your mojo arrives, it will have an accompanying list of instructions for how to take care of it. The first step is to include a personal concern and/or a petition (if not done already). The next is to train the mojo to yourself. For the first week at least, you need to keep that mojo right up next to your skin, most folks used to do this by pinning it to their underwear or bra, though some would hang it from a little string beneath their clothes (easiest done if you wear a skirt or dress). If it's for love, you need to wear it down next to your "bidness" so that it soaks up that desire.

After the first week or so, or until you feel like the mojo has learned to work for you, it can be kept beneath a pillow at night or tucked away safely in dresser drawer out of sight. About once a week you need to feed it with a bit of whiskey, condition oil or cologne. Some people like to pray a Psalm over it, too. Treat the mojo well and its spirit will keep working for you.

Killing and disposing of the mojo

Most importanly, a mojo needs to be kept private. There have always been prohibitions against someone seeing your mojo, but it's understood that if someone else touches your mojo bag, it will kill it. A trip through the washing machine will kill it off as well. It happens. I had one that the dog chewed up and I had to spend a few hours researching the potential toxicity to dogs of about 9 different herbs and roots. Don't worry, all was good.

Now, let's say that your mojo has been touched or washed - you're free to have me do a quick divination to see if it's still alive or not, but if you're sure that someone else has touched it, then we might as well count it as dead. In that case, we're giving it a proper burial.

On the whole protective mojo need to be buried in the front of the house, preferably under the front stoop or near the front door. Money and love drawing mojos near the back door to keep it home. Domination bags probably should be disposed off property at a crossroads or even in a graveyard.

Ordering a Mojo Bag

Our products page has a few mojo bags that are already constructed and can be customized by you with a few simple instructions and add ons. As you see, they are pretty general in nature, providing protection or drawing luck.

If you want a custom bag, you will need to provide a few items and do some additional work when the bag arrives. A petition paper should be returned with personal concerns of yourself or the target of the working. See our page on personal concerns to get an idea of what those are and which work best.

Custom bags are price individually, based both on needing a divination of the situation, the items used in it and the ritual performed over it.