Skullbone, Tennessee

Skullbone is the capital of the Kingdom of Skullbonia. A quirkly little spot in the middle of a crossroads, it's mostly comprised of a general store and a cool little directional sign to lots of far off places. I was not raised in Skullbone, but two sides of my family come from this little town and I grew up only a few miles over from it.

I've always been inspire by the little general store that stood there and as a little kid it was a wonderland of all sorts of ole time country charms - coke machines that dispense 6 oz. bottles, a slightly scary jar of pickled eggs on the counter and of course candy that you didn't find in just any supermarket. When we'd be out that way, we would always stop for lunch which meant a boloney sandwich (sliced there from the slab with the red wrapper on it), yeller cheese, mustard and white bread and a Chocolate Soldier to wash it down with.

And no, I don't send bologna sandwiches by UPS...