Powders, Dusts and Dirt

Many hoodoo rituals are based on foot track magic - the act of stepping onto or over tricks that have been laid on a pathway. There's also a lot of work transmitted through touching physical objects and dressing objects with a light coating of powder. These powders can also be substituted for body powders or added to after bath powders for dressing the body spiritually. Powders may be used to dress candles, to draw out lines and symbols in a ritual or in situations where an oil leaves a noticeable mark.

Self-Lighting Incense

The self-lighting incense is easy to use once you get the hang of forming it into a cone. A piece of light cardstock that has been cut into a half circle can be made into a form, by rolling it into a cone shape. Holding this in one hand between the fingers, tamp the incense powders into it with the fingers of the other hand. Tip this fom upside down onto a fire proof incense burner or container and simply light it with a match or lighter.

Resin Incense

I have to admit a slight preference for resin incense, perhaps because it evokes the thoughts of temples burning frankincense, myrrh, copal and amber. To burn the resin incense, set a self-lighting charcoal disk on fire - it will spark and flame initially, but will eventually just smolder. Let this get completely lit - just like you're creating charcoal for a barbeque grill - they should be glowing orange with a coating of white ash on most of it. This ensure it's at its hottest and can burn the chunks of resin.