Oils and Colognes

Condition oils are some of the most versatile components of the hoodoo and probably the most famous. Many of these started out as commercial perfumes and colognes and over time gained fame as magical formulas and oils. A condition oil can be used to anoint candles in candle work, to anoint the body, the home or specific objects. Condition oils and colognes are also commonly employed in feeding mojo bags and mixed with kerosene to make magical lamps. Talismans and curios can also be anointed with condition oils. Many baths and floor washes contain the condition oils to enhance and provide a perfumery scent.

Candle Anointing

Candle rituals often include the anointing of the candle in a specific way. Taper candle are anointed by rubbing a dab of the oil on the fingertips in an upward motion (toward the wick) if the condition is to draw the energy toward you, and downward (away from the wick) to repel the energy. Candles in glass containers either have the condition oil poured across the top (just a light coating) or the top surface is anointed with oil on the fingertips. All candles purchased here are anointed with an appropriate oil and prayed over.

Anointing the body

Condition oils are frequently used following a spiritual bath to seal and protect. Use a condition oil as perfume before going out on a date, a job interview or gambling. Most of our condition oils can be made up as a eau de cologne in a small spray bottle. Gamblers like to use them as a hand wash prior to touching the cards or dice. A condition oil is perfect for anointing a lucky carrying piece like a rabbits foot, buckeye, four leaf clover or other talisman. The romantic types can strategical place the scented oils to further entice a lover.