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It's easy to contact me, just click on the link and shoot me an email. I try to respond as quickly as I can. If you haven't heard back in about 48 hours, try to resend it. I seldom ignore emails.

About Professor Ames

Born and raised in the West Tennessee delta just north of Memphis, I was surrounded by the rich folk magic of hoodoo and country folk magic practices. At a very early age I became fascinated by astrology and have spent much of my life studying various aspects of astrology to gain insight into character, life purpose and direction, relationships, and to discover optimal times and locations for personal success.

My life has taken me all across the country from New Orleans to L.A. to Chicago and now to Kansas City which I’ve called my home for several years now. Yes, I am a real college professor, but there’s still a part of me that likes to dig in the dirt and rely on down-home common sense when approaching a problem.

I’ve always liked the saying, “As it is above, so it is below.” I use cards, bones and geomancy to reflect the will of the heavens and look to the stars themselves.


I specialize in affairs of the heart, practical advice and problems solving, and business issues. Male issues, parenting difficult children and matters of real estate, home and relocation are some of my interests.

I work from a very traditional viewpoint

Specialties: Baths, washes and candle spells, mojos, jackballs, nation sacks and gris-gris. Use of Psalms, Solomonic talismans, planetary and astrological energies, and graveyard work are all strengths of my practice. I work with Blackhawk, ancestors, St. Expedite and St. Dymphna. I also evoke the Holy Spirit’s guidance and power when seeking retribution and justice.


I am first and foremost an astrologer, I’ve been studying it since my youth and love that it can be used in so many ways. Astrology informs so much of our culture from cheesy 70s pick up lines to old time farmers using and almanac to “plant by the signs.

How I use astrology with clients

Astrology can be used in a variety of ways. Most of us think of it as it is used with natal charts – describing a person’s nature, their strengths and challenges. This Natal or Birth chart does in fact form the basis of most other astrological methods. From this one can compare two individuals for compatibility in love, business or friendship. The birthchart can also be moved forward through time, which is a very exciting journey to see how the soul is to progress in this lifetime. There are four methods for this which I use to describe different aspects:

Finally, with the power of computers to quickly cast charts instead of the tedious task of calculating them manually, I can use charts to answer questions and queries from the simple to the complex. These horary charts were once extremely popular in the Renaissance era and fell out of favor for some of the other aspects of astrology, but are a fascinating way to not only get an answer, but a lot of detail about the situation at hand.

I like to combine astrology with the imagery of cards to further pull out details of some aspect of the chart. And, vice versa, use the structure of astrological houses to tie down the sometimes ambiguous and open nature of oracle cards.

Being a rootworker, I also like to work with clients to help them redirect or alter some of the energies at work in an astrological chart. Remediation with rootwork isn’t to avoid or deny the energies at work in a chart, but instead to guide them to the highest and best resolution for the individual. For example, if divination if a chart shows potential strife within a relationship, we look for ways that the client can gain a better undertanding of the relationship through the conflict – perhaps clearing the air, opening up communication or seeking counseling that might transform the relationship rather than tear it apart. 

Business consulting
One of my specializations is working with business people. Having worked in corporate environments, start-ups and entrepreneurial business and even non-profit and arts organization. I love business talk (what would you expect from a double Capricorn, right?) and like to bring the insight of my work to help people with their careers and business. There are lots of personal dynamics and relationships within business and certainly the ebb and flow of cycles for success. Astrology can help provide insight not to dictate business decisions but as another tool for making those decisions.

Questions about business relationships, partnerships, favorable times to act, and even locations of businesses can all be addressed through astrology.

Thinking of moving? See how a chart could positively or negatively influence your chart. For those of us who have moved around a lot in our lives, we can all probably remember how different aspects of our lives were enhanced or changed when we moved. Some locations will benefit our love lives, others our careers.

Getting started

A chart requires 3 things: date of birth, location of birth and time of birth. Time of birth is usually the hardest of these to pin down. Some birth certificates designate a time of birth, sometimes a dutiful relative will not it accurately in a family Bible. I’ve generally found that rounded off time “around noon” “4:30”, etc. while better than “in the morning” or “after dinner” are still a bit suspect. While there are certainly people born precisely at noon or right at 4:30, I’m a little more generous than if I get a time like 6:50 am or 2:43 pm. Memories also tend to fail, so while asking a parent or relative is often good, a documented source is better. Sometimes we have to just live with the attending nurse writing down the time some while later and guessing at it, or being okay with the variants of 15 minutes or so.

Business can also be charted by using the incorporation dates from the Secretary of State – many of these are time stamped, but a noon hour is often used if that is not available. Publicly traded companies can sometimes get a good chart from the time of the opening of trading.


I maintain the chart information for my clients as many come back for updates and it is far easier to refresh my memory and then build on what has already been delineated in the chart. I do not share or sell charts to anyone, although for my own research I will often do analysis of multiple charts to validate trends or interpretations. 

All discussions are private and confidential.


Your chart information will be forwarded to you via email or we can schedule an in-person Skype or telephone session to discuss your concerns and issues.

I'm a proud member of the Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers.
Member of AIRR: the Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers

The Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers (AIRR) is a gathering of professional practitioners of African American folk magic, hoodoo, conjure, and rootwork who provide psychic readings and spiritual root doctoring services to the public. AIRR promotes quality service and ethical conduct by means of accreditation and evaluation of our members. Unlike commercial online psychic reader services, AIRR is a membership-supported organization that receives no fees or kickbacks for referrals.